Whitetail Venison Sales – Raised in Michigan


Whitehouse Whitetails venison offers a superior taste and quality than beef. Our farm raised venison is the ultimate in red meat. Our meat cuts are from pasture raised, hormone free, no animal by product, all natural deer. Our meat cuts come from deer that are TB and CWD monitored and compliant.

Venison The Other Red Meat

Venison vs. Beef

● Half the fat and calories of beef (3 oz of lean beef 247 cal/15g of fat vs. 134 cal/3g of fat)
● Richer in Iron, Vitamin B6, Niacin and Riboflavin than beef
● Beef has three times more cholesterol than venison
● Venison lowers your LDL “bad cholesterol and increases your HDL “good cholesterol”
● Venison is lower in saturated fat than beef and considered a complete protein as it contains all 10 of the essential amino acids
● Four ounces of venison provides 68.5% of the daily value of protein, 50% of the dietary reference intake of iron, 30% of the DRI of Vitamin B6 and 80% of the DRI of Vitamin B1

With the prices of beef steadily rising $1 per pound since 2007, venison is a better quality meat for the price. With little cooking shrinkage due to low fat content, you get more value for your money with venison.

Whitehouse Whitetail meats are healthier, taste better, a better value for your wallet and safer than any other meat you can buy in the store. When shopping for red meat, your choice is clear, venison from Whitehouse Whitetails Elite Meats.

For more information about our Elite Meats contact Pete at 616.724.9384 or by email.

You can also find our Elite Meats products for sale at the Bridge Street Market  405 Seward Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504.


Call Pete at 616-724-9384 for more information.
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