Whitetail Deer 2018 Hunting Prices

Whitetail Deer 2018 Hunting Prices

This is a 1 or 2 day hunt. Meals, lodging and caping charge are not included in these prices.

You do not have to have a license. No age limit required as long as there is an adult hunting with younger children. No guide required! No more than 5 hunters at a time. Prices to follow.

Cull Bucks $1,250

120-139 $2,000

140-160 $2,500

161-175 $3,000

176-189 $4,000

190-205 $5,000

Whitehouse Whitetails Watercolor Deer

206-225 $6,000

226-240 $7,000

241-260 $8,000

261-280 $9,000

281-299 $10,500

Anything over 300 $12,500

These are our WHOLESALE prices that we sell to the preserves. Since we are becoming a closed herd, we are passing these prices down to our hunters. 50% down when booking the hunts, which is no refundable, the rest of the payment is due 3 weeks before your scheduled hunt unless bringing cash.

With prices like these , hunts get booked fast. So call today and get your hunt booked.

Hunters are responsible to pay for the score price that they kill, since no guide is required.


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