Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

If you’re looking for the trophy whitetail deer hunting experience of a lifetime, try hunting with Whitehouse Whitetails! Our whitetail deer hunts are second to none.  We provide the best trophy bucks in Michigan, and you’re guaranteed one every time you hunt with us! Our trophy deer hunts are the perfect fit for any hunter.  We offer a wide variety of typical and non-typical, with drops, double beams and heavy mass! Our trophy whitetail deer hunts last one to three days. However long you plan to hunt with Whitehouse Whitetails, we’re sure you’ll never forget this once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity.  For more information about our trophy whitetail deer hunts contact us at (616) 724-9384.

Adventure Trophy Whitetail Hunting Trips

Whitehouse Whitetails has the best dream adventure trophy whitetail hunting trips for the hunter in you! We have a wide range of hunts such as:

  • Management Hunt
  • Copper Hunt
  • Bronze Hunt
  • Silver Hunt
  • Gold Hunt
  • Platinum Hunt
  • Diamond Hunt

These hunts will give you trophy whitetail deer with SCI scores ranging from 140 to 400 and up! Our amazing bucks roam the preserve with the majority of them being more than 200 inches, and we have even produced record-breaking bucks of more than 400 inches! You will be delighted at the vast amount of trophy whitetails you will see. Whether you just want to stay for the day or stay a whole weekend, Whitehouse Whitetails has the adventure trophy whitetail hunting trip for you! Call us at (616) 724-9384.

Winning a Trophy Whitetail Hunting Trip

Win a trophy whitetail hunting trip with Whitehouse Whitetails today! When you buy a bag of our buck bullets, you can enter to win our dream hunt contest!  Our incredible weekend hunt includes hunting with Whitehouse Whitetails, lodging, meals and field dressings for your trophy whitetail buck! If you want to have the best trophy whitetail hunting trip, do it with Whitehouse Whitetails! We guarantee you’ll get that trophy whitetail you’ve always wanted! Call (616) 724-9384 for more information and to find out how you can enter our dream hunt contest!