Recent Testimonials

"Me and my brother brought our father up on a copper hunt. We all 3 go great bucks from 171.5 up to 179. Had awesome time! I would recommend Whitehouse Whitetails to anyone, Pete, Laura and the rest of the WHW staff is amazing. If you have only hunted southern whitetails forget all you know and listen to Pete, he knows these deer and is almost dead on when it comes to estimating their scores. I have already booked my hunt for next year, and will be bringing more hunters. Thank you to all of Whitehouse Whitetails Staff."

"What an amazing experience my family and I have had at Whitehouse Whitetails! We harvested 4 giant bucks in the last two days. Thank you Pete & Amanda for the experience of a lifetime! We will see you again for sure!"

"We bought 4 hunts and shot 4 beautiful animals with our exceptional racks three of my grand children got to come on the hunt nine year old who saw bucks like I have never seen in my lifetime. My 14 year old grand daughter shot a huge deer and was greatly blessed to come with her father. My other son shot a dream buck also it was a great hunting experience which we will never forget."

"Had an awesome time my 14 year old daughter shot a 190" monster typical and dropped it in his tracks. Everyone celebrated with her and made it even more exciting for her. She has the trophy of a lifetime. We were treated fairly and will recommend "Whitehouse Whitetails" to my friends. Thanks"

"Great time & great hunt. Loads of huge deer WOW!!! Looking forward to next year !!! For a clean 250"+ typical."

"Had an awesome time my 14 year old daughter shot a 190" monster typical and dropped it in his tracks. Everyone celebrated with her and made it even more exciting for her. She has the trophy of a lifetime. We were treated fairly and will recommend "Whitehouse Whitetails" to my friends. Thanks"

"I enjoyed myself very much. The lodge, the people and even the food was wonderful. They made sure they took care of my every need. When we weren't hunting they made sure we had something to do and were having a good time."

"This is my second visit to WW and my return was better than the first time. Pete, Laura and the crew were old friends and we picked right back up on making our friendship stronger. The accommodations are excellent and the michigan foliage was in full bloom which highlighted the hunting experience and of course Laura's home cooked meals are unbelievable. As a bowhunter the hunting preserve sets up very nice for getting close the deer. After a and a half of scouting and observing the patterns I was able to harvest an amazing Silver class 12 pointer at approximately 30 yards. Pete is a world class host and as knowledgeable hunter himself, is keen to any suggestions on how to make the experience better and more memorable. His easy going manner is frosting on the cake as he understands our expectation on a successful hunt. I will be back!"

"Growing up, before my dad was a believer, he would take us all (us four boys) deer hunting two weekends a year. Much of the love of the outdoors comes from those two weekends every year from our childhood. It had been about 16 years since we were able to get together to hunt together. For three days last week - we were able to do it again. It was truly something special. It was very clear to everyone present - including the hosts - that it was something only God can pull off...the love, healing, relationships and wonderful experiences we had for those three days. Take a look at the Whitehouse Whitetails website. It is a bit awesome - and they are featuring the picture of my Dad, my brothers and me there. The rest, relaxation, food, fun and connections made there are unforgettable."

"My experience at Whitehouse Whitetails October 6-10, 2013 exceeded my expectations by a mile! My family was treated like their family. This trip was all about my dad and us 4 brothers being together to enjoy a hunt. We live in from Arkansas to North Carolina, 900 miles apart and only see each other 1 or 2 times a year, seldom getting to hunt. Growing up we fished and hunted a lot and enjoyed it for decades even though many times we did not get a deer. It was a thrill of a lifetime just to see dozens of unbelievable bucks but for all 5 of us to get a huge buck was over the top. By the last day of our hunt I was the only one who had not taken a buck and I was a bit nervous but I did get mine the last day! I can immediately think of a dozen friends who will be itching to hunt there as soon as they see my pictures! By the buck is the biggest of the 5! Thanks Whitehouse Staff for a hunt better than I could have dreamed!"

"Hello Laura and Pete, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Words cannot begin to express how I truly feel about the time my father and I spent at Whitehouse Whitetails. It was an incredible experience from start to finish. A dream of a lifetime became a reality this October. The old saying a picture is worth a 1000 words is erroneous when it comes to describing the safe haven you have built in Ravenna, Michigan. Pictures cannot possibly capture the true essence of your establishment. The deer are beyond impressive. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see such magnificent animals. One deer was bigger and better than the next.  And the food, the decor, and hospitality are unparalleled. Laura, I will look for you on the food network. You should have your own cooking show someday.(If you decide to write a book on cooking or your business and need a writer let me know.) The staff that you employee at Whitehouse are gems. Matt is a remarkable videographer. He will certainly do great things for future business by providing his talents to customers. Joe is also an invaluable member of your staff who is an outstanding guide that provided many memorable moments on the hunt with my father and me. And Tex is another huge asset, as well. He was always accessible and very helpful in retrieving and cleaning the deer my father and I shot. We arrived as strangers on October 10th and left as friends on October 12th. Even though this was a hunting trip it was more about God, Life and Love than hunting deer. We talked about many important things and I will cherish those times forever. I learned a lot about myself, as a result. I hope to see you guys soon."

"After many many years of saying I would never hunt in an enclosure circumstances led me to Whitehouse Whitetails. I was completely taken by surprise by the entire experience. Once you go through the gate you would never know you were inside. The areas were huge and the animals every bit as weary as anywhere else. The bucks were unbelievable!!!! I spent the first night in a blind watching over a meadow with Pete the owner and the bucks never quit coming out. It seemed that each one was bigger than the last. At one point there were 60 -70 bucks in the the meadow that would all score over 150 inches. That was when Pete let me know that all of them were only 2 years old!!!!!! The food and the lodge are the best i have ever stayed in and I have hunted all over. Every person I met from Pete and his wife Laura to the guys working with the deer could not do enough to take care of us. I would strongly recommend them and I will be back! Thanks to everyone at Whitehouse for a fantastic experience that I will not soon forget!"

"We both harvested excellent bucks. The food was excellent and so was the company. The help was friendly and accommodating!If you are looking for a great hunt, grand accommodations and food I would consider Whitehouse Whitetails."

"My son and I went on a hunt with Whitehouse Whitetails in mid September this year. It was one the best hunts we have ever been on. As a hunter you have the best of everything. What ever level of hunt you choose you are going to get a great buck. Our guides were knowledgeable and friendly. The owners made you feel right at home. The accommodations and meals were fantastic. We highly recommend Whitehouse Whitetails for your next hunt."

Your Adventure Awaits!

Whitehouse Whitetails offers the best whitetail deer hunting in Michigan. We provide the largest trophy bucks imaginable, and you're guaranteed a buck every time you hunt with us! These beasts average in size from 180" to 300". Our bucks roam the preserve with the majority of them being more than 200". Whitehouse Whitetails offers a class of bucks that have produced a record buck of more than 400". You will be amazed at the sheer amount of whitetails you will see! For more information on our whitetail deer hunts in Michigan, call us today at (616) 724-9384.