Start your own herd

Start your own herd

Breeding   #1 in Whitetail genetics, Antler size & growth, Whitetail hunts

Whitehouse Whitetails’ breeding program is the best in the industry. Most of our fawns arrive around May and June.Fawns usually range from 4 t0 7 pounds at birth, and the first 48 hours of a fawns life are the most vulnerable. Our deer specialists take extra-special care of them to ensure healthy development. The does tend to stay away from the fawns except during nursing hours. The small white spots on the fawns usually disappear around 4 months old, when their natural deer coloring will begin to show through. Our certified does and fawns are for sale! Check out our index of does today!

We here at Whitehouse Whitetails teach you from A to Z on raising a healthy herd of whitetail deer with tremendous antler size and genetics. If you are interested in starting your own preserve we have 22 years of superior experience to help you in your decisions and direction. We come on site to asses your needs and help keep you from the mistakes that are made far too often. 

We can setup an A.I. program for you. We will come to your trophy deer breeding facility and work with your people, making it possible to improve your herd.  We can help you create a whitetail breeding facility that is state of the art. We guarantee to increase profits by eliminating improper handling, improving vaccination efficiency and teaching better maintenance programs.

A.I. Program Features

Whitehouse Whitetails now features sexing semen facilitating an 80 percent increase in bucks from embryo transplants. Not only will embryo transplants maintain the benefits of northern genetics from both mother and father, but it will also preserve the benefits of EHD immunity in the surrogate mother. We have teamed up with professional veterinarians to safely expedite the whole process for you.

Breed Larger Bucks

Our whitetail deer breeders have new ways to produce heavier bone mass in your herd.  Our deer-breeding trainers can show you how to breed a more successful herd with bigger antlers. For hunting ranches and farms, we can help you create a complete feed, fawn feeding, vaccination and breeding program. Using our genetics for breeding whitetail deer, within two years you will begin to see the bucks that hunters dream about. We have the expertise to get you to that monster-buck level, and we have the animals to prove it. For more information on how we can help you with your breeding program call us today at (616) 724-9384 or visit us on our contact page.

Bloodlines of Our Does & Fawns

The bloodline of our does and fawns stem from the best quality DNA in the industry. You can track the DNA on each of our does and fawns and see how the reproductive process at Whitehouse Whitetails produces the finest quality does and sires. Our champion bloodlines produce the largest scoring bucks. For more information on our bloodlines, call us today at  (616) 724-9384.

Does and Fawns for Sale

Whitehouse Whitetails is the top choice when you’re looking for does and fawns for sale. Our deer breeding experts can provide you with the tools and deer you need to grow your herd. Whether you’re just starting out as a deer breeder or are looking to expand your business, Whitehouse Whitetails has what you need. Work with our A.I. specialists to get started with our breeding program today! Call us today for more information on our does and fawns for sale at (616) 724-9384.

Whitetail Deer Semen Sales

Meet our bucks with the highest-quality semen straws! We provide a full DNA background for each of our bucks and you can also view the motility reports, so you can be sure that you are getting the most productive semen straws available. These first-class bucks offer the genetics you need to grow and expand your herd! For more information on our semen straws call us at (616) 724-9384.

Breeder bucks

Whitehouse Whitetails will generate a champion herd for you to help expand your business.  Our breeder experts are committed to providing you with superior breeder bucks. When you’re looking for first-class genetics in your herd, our professional breeders have what you need.   We are dedicated to giving you the highest scoring bucks imaginable. Each of our breeder bucks are developed with elite whitetail does and sires. Lets us fulfill your breeder buck needs today! Call us at (616) 724-9384.

Breeder Sales

Visit our breeder sales page where you can meet our world-class breeder bucks. Some of our top-notch bucks include Beanstalk, Big Tyme, Hi-Tine, Grande, Chick Magnet, Lil Tex and Mad Scientist. With our elite breeder buck genetics we conceive superlative does and sires. Whether you’re just beginning a herd or are looking to expand it, our superior breeder bucks are available today!

Check out our new breeders page where you can explore some of our youngest growing bucks available! These bucks are full of life and are all sizes. Most of our new breeders range from 2 to 3-years-old. Each of our young breeders are world-class bucks with the ability to produce the best semen straws for your breeding needs. Come on in and check out our new breeders today or call us at (616) 724-9384!

Whitehouse Whitetails has the finest whitetail deer embryos in the country.  Our whitetail breeding facility raises does and bucks to be of the highest quality.  If you’re looking for the best embryos for your deer, look no further than the gorgeous whitetails at Whitehouse Whitetails.  When breeding deer, contact our whitetail embryo facility for a superior product. We have teamed up with the top veterinarians in the business to help expedite you through the process. We will help you get the world class herd you’ve been dreaming about when you inquire about our A.I. program.  Call us today at (616) 724-9384 or email us at

Whitetail Embryos for Sale

The whitetail embryos for sale at Whitehouse Whitetails are guaranteed to be the absolute best.  Our deer live in high-quality conditions and grow to be healthy and strong.  Our fawns are hand-fed every nutritious meal they are served.  Our deer embryo facility feeds our fawns twice a day until they become adults.  They are strictly monitored and observed until they’re strong enough to mix with the other deer.  All of the fawns at Whitehouse Whitetails are DNA-certified when weaned.  If you have inquiries about our DNA-certified embryos, call us today at (616) 724-9384.

Quality Deer Embryo

Whitehouse Whitetails works with a team of specialists to make sure we have quality deer embryo.  We have nothing but the highest expectations at our deer embryo facility.  There is plenty of time and care put into the freezing process at our whitetail breeding facility.  Whitehouse Whitetails goes through all of the necessary procedures to properly freeze our whitetail embryos.  In addition to deer embryo, Whitehouse Whitetails also sells semen straws and antlers.  Check out our specials page today and see all of the great deals you can get on semen straws.  Call us at (616) 724-9384 or visit our contact page for more questions.