Let Our Expertise Work for You!

Large Breeder Bucks and Semen SalesWe can setup an A.I. program for you. We will come to your trophy deer breeding facility and work with your people, making it possible to improve your herd.  We can help you create a whitetail breeding facility that is state of the art. We guarantee to increase profits by eliminating improper handling, improving vaccination efficiency and teaching better maintenance programs.

A.I. Program Features

Whitehouse Whitetails now features sexing semen facilitating an 80 percent increase in bucks from embryo transplants. Not only will embryo transplants maintain the benefits of northern genetics from both mother and father, but it will also preserve the benefits of EHD immunity in the surrogate mother. We have teamed up with professional veterinarians to safely expedite the whole process for you.

Breed Larger Bucks

Our whitetail deer breeders have new ways to produce heavier bone mass in your herd.  Our deer-breeding trainers can show you how to breed a more successful herd with bigger antlers. For hunting ranches and farms, we can help you create a complete feed, fawn feeding, vaccination and breeding program. Using our genetics for breeding whitetail deer, within two years you will begin to see the bucks that hunters dream about. We have the expertise to get you to that monster-buck level, and we have the animals to prove it. For more information on how we can help you with your breeding program call us today at (616) 724-9384 or visit us on our contact page.