The advantages of harvesting a doe

The advantages of harvesting a doe

Shooting does, we understand the importance for herd management, the fantastic eating and confidence boosters.  We also understand what they mean to big bucks.  But are we really taking full advantage of does once we wrap our tag around their ear?

Swabbing out the mouth of a deer might seem semi morbid. But remember, deer communicate through the saliva left on licking branches. Cotton balls, no secret are absorbent. Capture the saliva from your fresh kill and store it in plastic bags to later hang over scrapes. Adding fresh saliva over a scrape, especially on properties the deer was not from, can drive bucks crazy as they try to figure out who the new gal in the area is.

Smelling like a deer never hurt anyone. Ok maybe your family won’t appreciate it but oh well, you can show after the hunt too. A popular method has always been to hang fresh tarsal glands near your stand. Another is to store the fresh tarsal in a closed container with your clothing. I like keeping my fresh tarsal in closed spaces to make the scent last longer.

Some people act like shooting a doe make you less of a hunter. This is old school thinking, as harvesting does is very important to the overall deer herd and it will help in harvesting the big buck during the rut. Be thankful for the chance to sit in the woods and for fresh venison.