Does and Fawns

Does and Fawns

The whitetail fawns and does at Whitehouse Whitetails are the secret to our whitetail deer breeding success. Each doe and fawn comes from superior bloodlines, and are DNA-certified when weaned. Our doe pen provides a comfortable and caring environment. Our deer specialists work with our does and fawns, providing them with the best care possible. Browse our doe index today for sales information and prices.


Whitehouse Whitetails’ breeding program is the best in the industry. Most of our fawns arrive around May and June. Fawns usually range from 4 t0 7 pounds at birth, and the first 48 hours of a fawns life are the most vulnerable. Our deer specialists take extra-special care of them to ensure healthy development. The does tend to stay away from the fawns except during nursing hours. The small white spots on the fawns usually disappear around 4 months old, when their natural deer coloring will begin to show through. Our certified does and fawns are for sale! Check out our index of does today!

Bloodlines of Our Does & Fawns

The bloodline of our does and fawns stem from the best quality DNA in the industry. You can track the DNA on each of our does and fawns and see how the reproductive process at Whitehouse Whitetails produces the finest quality does and sires. Our champion bloodlines produce the largest scoring bucks. For more information on our bloodlines, call us today at  (616) 724-9384.

Does and Fawns for Sale

Whitehouse Whitetails is the top choice when you’re looking for does and fawns for sale. Our deer breeding experts can provide you with the tools and deer you need to grow your herd. Whether you’re just starting out as a deer breeder or are looking to expand your business, Whitehouse Whitetails has what you need. Work with our A.I. specialists to get started with our breeding program today! Call us today for more information on our does and fawns for sale at (616) 724-9384.