Calling Whitetail Deer

Calling Whitetail Deer

How to call in a whitetail buck.

The first thing you need to know about calling in big bucks is that you need to be sure of your surroundings. That trophy buck will probably see you long before you see him, so the proper cover is a must!

Another key thing to be wary of is the distance between you and the deer. If that buck is too close he might get spooked, which is the complete opposite of what you want!

Should you use grunt calls or antlers? Grunts have several advantages, they are more portable and they seem to be more common than the rattling. Rattling antlers can draw in big bucks but they can also intimidate other deer. However rattling can be more effective on a windy day when the sound of a grunt call can get lost in the shuffle of leaves.

Match your call to a specific time of year and behavior pattern. This chart from is a great example of how to do this: