Antler Sales

Antlers for Sale

Whitehouse Whitetails offers a wide range of whitetail antlers for sale.  When you purchase antlers from us, we guarantee you will not find quality like this anywhere else.  When it comes to antler sales, we have the very best in the market.  Call us at (616) 724-9384 and one of our associates will assist you .  Even if you’re interested in a specific shape or style, the experts at Whitehouse Whitetails can help you find what you are looking for.

Shed Pricing

| 140 to 160 in. - $300 |

| 161 to 179 in. - $500 |

| 180 to 199 in. - $800 |

|200 to 225 in. - $1400 |

| 226 to 250 in. - $2000 |

| 251 in. and above - Call for Pricing (616) 724-9384 |


Whitetail Antler Sales

Nothing completes the home, business or cottage quite like a large pair of whitetail deer antlers.  Complement your working or living space with one of these amazing racks.  Our prices vary depending on the size and shape of the whitetail deer antlers you request.  Whitehouse Whitetails has the best whitetail bucks in the country, which guarantees that we have the best whitetail antler sales.  Visit our contact page for more information about getting your deer antlers.

Whitetail Deer Antlers

The deer that roam the property of Whitehouse Whitetails are only the finest quality.  At our deer hunting facility, we make sure that all of our whitetail bucks are taken care of starting at birth.  We understand that the greatness of our whitetail deer antlers depend on their genes and overall quality of life.  At Whitehouse Whitetails, we know that you will be very happy with your antler purchase.  Call us at (616) 724-9384 for more information about our whitetail deer antlers.